Key Features


A centerpiece of the Garden is the butterfly maker, offering families the opportunity to celebrate the memory of loved ones in a deeply personal way.


Sharing the butterflies via email and social media builds a sense of community around shared memories, providing a listening ear environment, an heirloom along with a touch of nostalgia.


Linking to grief resources within the garden provides families a healing opportunity to better cope with grief and loss. These resources provide enduring care and healing for grieving hearts.


Inviting others into the Garden builds and grows your community, organically buiding new streams of engagement.


Offering families an avenue for making "In Memoriam" donations within the Garden, providing an additional way of building relationships and allowing for expressions of gratitude.



Customize your garden with your own honoree photos, birth and death dates, affectionate nick names and one-of-a-kind butterfly tributes.


Remember your loved one by revisiting your Garden and adding "A Year of Firsts" tributes, sharing them with friends and family who may do the same.


Optimize your engagement with the Honoree Heirloom Garden and enjoy an unlimited amount of butterflies within your garden space.


Enjoy unlimited and complimentary support services for each Butterfly Memorial Garden purchased.

A beautiful communal online space! Because butterflies represent transformation, joy, and other hopeful representations across many cultures, this platform offers a modern day means of keeping the spirit of loved ones alive as loved ones, near and far, go through their grieving process.  

Jeanie Khanke
Muhammad Ali Center. Senior Director of Public Relations/External Affairs

The Butterfly Garden Memorial is a personal and very unique approach to grief and healing. I love the opportunity that the platform provides for the community to come together around the death of a loved one. Great addition to the obituaries on funeral home websites too!

Mike Ratterman
Fifth Generation Ratterman Funeral Home Owner and Director

"What a wonderful, intuitive and meaningful platform!"

Mary E. Renwick
Director of Development, Good Samaritan Hospice

"We really love the Garden and our families and volunteers truly appreciate having the Gardens to memorialize their loved ones."

Shelby Russell
Executive Director, Kids Cancer Alliance