General Questions, Business Entities

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What is the Butterfly Memorial Garden?
How Can the Butterfly Memorial Garden Help My Organization?
Can My Organization Personalize Elements of My Garden?
How Much Staff Time is Required to Manage the Garden?
Who Can Subscribe?
What Pricing Options are Available?
Can My Professional State Association receive an Affiliate Agreement Discount?
Do You Offer Non Profit Discounts?
Does the Butterfly Memorial Garden work across all devices?
How Does the Garden Connect to My Website?
How Is Security and Privacy Integrated into the Platform?
What is the Lifespan of My Butterfly Memorial Garden?
What Data Can I Access From the Admin Side of the Garden?
Can I Integrate My Butterfly Memorial Garden Into My Events?
On the anniversary of a death or special holiday, can users return to the Garden?
Is the Garden easy for users of all ages to figure out?
What If I would prefer to ask users for donations at a later date?

Product Specific Questions, Business Entities

Who should I appoint as our site Admin?
When is the most appropriate time to use the Garden with Grieving Families?
How often can family members return to their honoree’s Garden?
Can the Garden be branded with my organization’s logo?
Is there a limit to the number of butterflies that can be added to a Family Garden?
Can the Garden menu tabs area be customized?
How can my internal staff/team participate in Family Gardens?
What if a user chooses not to add memorial text to their butterfly?
Can I utilize the Garden seasonally?
Will users understand that their butterflies and memories shared will be publicly viewable?
Can a memorial butterfly be deleted?
How is privacy maintained in the Garden?
How can users find a specific honoree’s name in the Garden?
What is the difference between the Universal Garden vs. Family Garden?
What data can I download from the Garden?
Can I integrate the Garden into my current events and programs?
Can I offer sponsorship butterflies in my Garden?
Is it possible to add more color palettes to the butterfly maker?
Is there a way to honor Veterans within the Garden?
Are there any supportive publicity templates offered with subscriptions?