PLUG-IN Your Butterfly Memorial Garden and Distinguish, Elevate and Grow!


Provide an extraordinary level of support and care to your grieving families. And, increase awareness by humanizing your brand, enriching your outreach and engagement.


Add interactivity to your website with the addition of a Butterfly Memorial Garden. Solve the challenge of organically engaging your community through butterfly sharing via social media networks.


Enjoy the ways in which this memorial technology can optimize support to staff.  And, enjoy savings when using the Garden as an alternative to paid advertising.  Collect emails, increase website traffic and donations too-all the while targeting your prime audience, women! 

A Huge Step Forward in Memorial Technology

When you adopt your one-of-a-kind Butterfly Memorial Garden sanctuary (via subscription), your static website will be transformed into a place of interactivity, where users will be greeted by vivid colors and gentle waves of fluttering personalized butterflies. Each user will enter this space by invitation from your organization. Choose between several beautiful Garden landscapes or order your special customized background.

Within the main garden, your users create a personalized butterfly, attach a memory and invite others to do the same, organically growing the garden while loved ones return periodically to find comfort in reconnecting with others.

Sharing the butterflies, accessing grief resources and making a donation in memory of a loved one is also part of the user experience in the garden and one that supports raising awareness of your services while engaging expanded audiences.



SHARE:  Sharing the butterflies via email and social media builds a sense of community around shared memories, providing a listening ear environment and a touch of nostalgia while helping to build awareness of your services.

BUILD:  Increasing unique visitors to your website and leveraging testimonials and emails gathered through the Garden allows your organization the unique ability to share voices of real customers, organically building new streams of engagement.

SPONSOR BUTTERFLIES:  Flexibility to add your choice of Sponsor Butterflies to the Garden, an easy way to engage industry while earning funds to cover subscription costs!

ENGAGEMENT:  Optimize your engagement by enjoying an unlimited amount of users within your garden space.

SERVICE:  Enjoy unlimited and complimentary support services for each Butterfly Memorial Garden Plug In subscription purchased.

CUSTOMIZATION:  Customize your Plug In Garden by branding it with your organization logo and choose your garden landscape.

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