The tribute Butterfly Memorial Garden is an online remembrance and mourning space, keeping precious memories of loved ones alive.  Rooted in the transformative symbolism of the butterfly, its purpose is to offer grieving hearts an enduring place where families and loved ones can gather to find comfort and community in a deeply personal space, one that supports reflection and connection.

The idea for a virtual Butterfly Memorial Garden was born out of a growing social movement around reconnecting with the end of life, normalizing death and out of a desire to help both the grieving and the organizations that provide services to assist them.  

As a family member of a hospice patient years ago and as a hospice volunteer today, I understand how important support can be during the bereavement process.

Users of the Butterfly Memorial Garden may affectionately celebrate and honor loved ones by making and releasing an everlasting memorial butterfly. Sharing of the butterflies through social media networks, authentically grows the garden and nurtures the group commemoration space.

NEW! Butterfly Memorial Custom Plug-In for websites, company branded,  are also available to the business market.  Contact bflymgarden@gmail.com for more information.





  • Owner, EternalWings LLC
    Mary York

    Mary York Owner, EternalWings LLC

Mary holds a Masters of Arts degree and Certificate in Non Profit Management, translating into more than 20 years of leadership experience, including more than a decade serving as the Executive Director of a state chapter medical association, where she was instrumental in garnering several national Outstanding Chapter Awards. Her passion and interest in the end of life originated from a family experience with hospice care years ago and today, she continues her commitment to hospice through her local volunteer work. Her professional skills and personal passion for helping the grieving have intersected in developing and distributing a one-of-a-kind virtual Butterfly Memorial Garden.